Indiana - Aquaculture Contacts, Transport Regulations, and Approved Aquatic Species

Last updated 5/28/2008

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Aquaculturists transporting or selling aquatic animals are responsible for following current regulations required by each state in which the activity occurs (selling or transporting) and are advised to contact state regulatory agencies responsible for permitting these activities.

State Aquaculture Regulatory Authorities

Indiana Board of Animal Health:

Dr. Jennifer A Strasser,
DVM District I Field Veterinarian
Aquaculture Director
Indiana State Board of Animal Health Indianapolis, Indiana  
(574) 274-3244 Cell
(317) 542-1415 Fax

Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

Randy Lang
Hatcheries Supervisor
Cikana State Fish Hatchery
2650 State Road 44
Martinsville, IN 46151  
765-342-5527 Office
765-346-3421 Cell
765-349-1692 Fax 

State Fish Health Authorities / Laboratories

ADDL-West Lafayette

406 S. University

West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765-494-7440

Fax: 765-494-9181

Aquaculture Industry Contacts

Indiana Aquaculture Association
Martha Render
Box 361
Brook, IN 47922
(219) 275-8851

Indiana Commercial Fish Suppliers directory is available at:

Purdue Extension:
Campus Staff:
Dr. Kwamena Quagrainie
Purdue University
403 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Tel: (765) 494-4200 / 494-4761; Fax: (765) 494-9176

Bob Rode
Purdue University
5675 W 600 N
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Tel: 765-583-0351
Fax: 765-583-2490
Cell: 765-418-5509

Indiana Soybean Alliance
Dr. Steven Hart
Director of Aquaculture
Indiana Soybean Alliance/Indiana Corn
Office: (317) 347-3620 ext. 310
Cell: (317) 650-1986

Indiana Posted Rules and Regulations Summary
Ref: 312IAC 9-10-14 Fish hauler and supplier permit, IAC 9-10-15 Fish importation permit, IAC 9-10-17 Aquaculture permit, IC 14-22-16 Bait Dealer’s License.

2008 guidelines and permit forms for importation of live fish into the State of Indiana are available at:

To summarize, live aquatic animal importation authorization is divided between both the State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as follows.

Importation of live fish of VHS susceptible species plus all salmonids from Great Lake States (IL, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI), Ontario or Quebec

a) Pre-Entry Permit from BOAH,

b) Indiana Fish Hauler and Supplier Permit obtained from the INDNR.

Pre-Entry Permit requirements:
Pre-Entry Permits under this issuance require: i.) a copy of a valid Fish Health Inspection Report or Fish Health Certification for each lot imported, and ii.) the following statement from the competent authority for aquatic animal health: “Representative samples were collected in accordance with OIE / AFS Blue Book (specify one) specifications and laboratory testing of these samples for VHS was also performed in compliance with OIE / AFS Blue Book (specify one) specifications.” In general, these standards require either 60 fish sample from the lot to be shipped annually, or 150 fish farm lot certification 2 times per year ( check with State Veterinary Authority )

Fish health tests:
1. VHS for species listed on APHIS VHS susceptible species list
2. 3- year hatchery certification for VHS, IPN and Whirling Disease for salmonids
3. Heterosporis for yellow perch, muskellunge, northern pike and walleye form MI, WI, MN

Importation of live fish from a state outside of the Great Lakes do not require a Pre-Entry Permit if they are listed as an approved species in 312 IAC 9-10-15. These species do, however, require a Fish Haulers and Suppliers Permit obtained from INDNR. Species of brown trout, hybrid striped bass, rainbow trout, tiger muskellunge and tilapia (not on the approved species list in 312 IAC 9-10-15), may also be imported and sold with a Fish Haulers and Suppliers Permit. For a list of approved species and for additional information go to the “Permit Guidelines” link at:

Fish Health Requirements:
Salmonids from non-Great Lake States: 3-year hatchery certification for VHS, IHN, PKD, BF, BKD, ER, IPN and Whirling Disease

Importation, taking and/or selling of live minnows and crayfish in the State requires a Bait Dealer’s License obtained from INDNR. Importation of baitfish from a Great Lake state, listed on the APHIS VHS susceptible species list also requires a Pre-Entry permit from BOAH.

Grass Carp: A grass carp permit is required from INDNR. Grass carp importation, holding and sales restrictions exist and are limited to specific conditions for di-ploids and tri-ploids only per IAC 9-10-17 Aquaculture permit. Restrictions can be reviewed at:
Link: Fish Permit Procedures and Regulations/Aquaculture (grass carp).

Fish for the aquarium trade – no permit required but prohibited species may apply.

Indiana State Board of Animal Health:

Veterinary Advisory Indiana Importation Requirements for Fish
This is a 2/7/07 released document describing Pre-Entry permits for VHS susceptible fish from Great Lake States and salmonids.

Indiana Veterinary Advisory pdf (68 KB)

Indiana Pre-Entry (Fish Import) applications for VHS
See “Pre-Entry Permit Required by BOAH” at:

A Pre-Entry permit can be obtained online or by calling BOAH toll free at: 877-747-3038, extension 310.

  • BOAH Import Requirements for any fish listed on the USDA APHIS VHS Susceptible Species List imported from a Great Lake state:

Negative test for viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS)

  • Negative tests for VHS must be obtained on 60 fish samples from a lot size of 2000 or more*, (annually) according to AFS-FHS Bluebook standards
  • Negative tests for VHS must be obtained on 150 fish samples from the facility if the facility contains 100,000 fish or more*, (twice annually) according to OIE standards

Biosecurity protocol in place at the facility of origin
BOAH Pre-Entry Permit must be completed and submitted at least two weeks before proposed date of movement with all required documentation

Required statement from competent authority from state of origin:
“Representative samples were collected in accordance with OIE / AFS Blue Book (specify one) specifications and laboratory testing of these samples for VHS was also performed in compliance with OIE / AFS Blue Book (specify one) specifications.”

* Contact BOAH for specific numbers if the lot or farm contains fewer fish than the listed numbers, or for more information. A valid Pre-Entry Permit must be in possession of the hauler while the fish are being transported.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Oversight
Indiana Fish Hauler and Supplier Permit
See “Permit Guidelines” link at

Baitfish wholesale, retail and sales permitting (VHS)
Persons engaging in or continuing to engage in the business of taking, catching, selling, or bartering live minnows and crayfish for bait shall file an application with the division for a bait dealer's license (IC 14-22-16). Regulations and fee information can be viewed at:
Importation of baitfish listed on the APHIS VHS susceptible species list also requires a Pre-Entry permit from BOAH (above).

Baitfish use (VHS)
The Indiana DNR has posted information ( ) for anglers for use of baitfish. Anglers must also be aware that is illegal to transport baitfish obtained from Great Lakes States and listed on the APHIS VHS species list across state lines without record of VHS certification.

Indiana fish stocking permit
It is unlawful to stock fish into Indiana waters without first obtaining a stocking permit (312 IAC 9-10-8) from IDNR. Stocking permits are available at

Grass Carp Permit
See Fish Permit Procedures and Regulations/ aquaculture permit (grass carp) and Permit/ Aquaculture (grass carp) links at

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